Polar Express Train Set is made highly-detailed in accordance with the train in the hit movie “The Polar Express”. There are some models of Polar Express produced by Lionel with various prices. The most popular and the most affordable is the Polar Express Train Set – G-Gauge. Unlike the other series of Lionel Polar Express, the G-Gauge one is made of plastics and run by the power of 6 C batteries (included). Lionel also produced other series which is made of steel and run by electricity.The Lionel Polar Express Train Set -G-Gauge has a remote control by which you can move it forward and backward, on or off the bell and whistle. The sound is authentic like a real train. The kids and the whole family member will love to play with this train which bring to life the magical moment of the hit movie.

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Polar Express Train Set Features

Below are the features of Lionel Polar Express Train Set -G-Gauge:
-Remote Control. Clearly marked buttons, easy to operate, controls the backward and forward movement, the ring bell, the whistle.(2 AA batteries included)
-Conductor, boy and hobo figures included
-Highly-detailed G-Gauge steam locomotive powered by 6 C batteries (included), you may operate the train with a 9.6 volt rechargeable battery (not included)
-Authentic sound. The noise of the machine is like a real train, and the sound of the bell and the whistle likewise.
-Coal tender
-Easy-to-assemble G-Gauge track
-Handsomely detailed passenger cars feature fixed knuckle couplers
-Passenger coach with two opening doors
-Working headlight

What are in the box of Polar Express Train Set -G-Gauge

Steam locomotive, six C batteries, remote control, two AA batteries, coal tender, passenger coach, observation coach,  twelve curved and four straight track pieces, three figures,   and instructions


Lionel Polar Express Train Set Product Review

Below is an honest review given by Alan Holt, a customer who has just bought Polar Express Train Set -G-Gauge. He feels that the product has exeeded his expectations. He gives 4 stars for the durability of this product and 5 stars for the fun that this product had given. He thinks that this toy is quite educational.

I was surprised to see the negative reviews on this product, but after reading them I think most of them were from people that did not read or understand the product description. This is a ‘G’ scale toy plastic train with plastic track that is battery powered and is controlled by an R/C unit.

I have not seen another ‘G’ scale set with better quality equipment and features for the price. The engine has built-in sound that makes a steam ‘chuff’ noise synchronized to the speed of the engine. It also makes a steam brake release noise when it stops. It has a bell sound and whistle that you can control from the R/C unit. It has 3 speeds in both forward and reverse directions. The speeds seems very prototypical. The speed is also momentum controlled – the train speeds up and slows down at a measured pace just like a real train. The detail on the engine is quite good for a ‘toy’ train.

I had the same experience with the included batteries as others – they barely moved the train for a few minutes and then conked out. I replaced the standard batteries with alkaline ones and it ran for about 10 hours before needing replacement. I have switched to a compatible 9.6v rechargeable battery that works great, is cheaper to run, and environmentally better.

The packaging states the set is for kids 4 years or older. Both my 4-1/2 year old and 2 year old can run the train with the R/C controller (and did not stop playing with it for almost a week). However they do not have the dexterity to couple the cars or snap the track together. I would guess that a 5 or 6 year old would be able to assemble and operate everything without adult help. They have banged the engine, thrown the controller, and knocked the coaches around quite a bit without any damage.

For model railroaders or anyone who wants to tinker, you could add lighting to the coaches fairly easily. I think the train would work well outdoors if you want to try creating a garden railway. I do wish Lionel would make more track options – an ‘X’ crossing and R/L hand switches would allow expansion to a true train layout instead of just an oval or circle.

I don’t think you could find a better quality radio controlled toy ‘G’ scale train with so many features for such a low price.


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